Who and what is Ampulove?

Ampulove's History

Ampulove started about 19 years ago, as a 1 page site, with information about the subjects Amputees, devotees and wannabes, later Ampulove became a commercial site with a lot of information for everyone interested in the Amputation Subject. The site had forums, medical information, chat rooms, thousands of pictures, movies, interviews, live webcam and much more. The name Ampulove was found by Alex and Tina, the presentatrice of Ampulove. Sitting together on an evening, talking about the fact that there wasn't enough for amputees on internet, even no dating or contact sites, the name Ampulove coming from Amputees and Love was very easy founded.
Afterwards, end 2007, Ampulove went offline for a few years. Till July August 2011. That moment Alex, founder of Ampulove, decided to start back with a new Ampulove, on request of many people, but this time with a totally different look then before and also a kind of different orientation. 

When Ampulove restarted in July 2011, this was at that time the first Welcome message, what explains a lot:

Tina with Amputee Brenda
Presentatrice in the Brenda Movie

Monday, July 25, 2011 - 3.39 AM

Dear All,
May I welcome you on Ampulove. A site that once, long time ago was the biggest site when it came to the subject Amputation and the people interested in this subject. I started with Ampulove(.com) around 1998. It was for several years online. It contained a lot of information for amputees, admirers of amputees and for wannabes.
Recently a few people asked me: 'Why is Ampulove offline? - Where is Ampulove?'.
Well, after being for years online, and having everyday over 2000 unique visitors at that time, I decided to take Ampulove offline.
The reason for that? A lot of complains of people worldwide in a combination with my second ex-wife who harmed the site a lot (not delivering products, not bringing orders to the mail office, etc...). After the divorce, -to give one example; I found about six big garbage bags filled with orders of Ampulove customers; All ready to send out, somewhere hidden in the back of our basement.
Now, after years of Ampulove, I sold the whole site content from that time on the people from Disabledplanet. After different computer crashes, the lost of a lot of information from that time, I decide to bring the new Ampulove site; This site, in a totally new way.
What exactly I will bring on this new Ampulove, isn't clear at this moment, and I will have the time to setup a complete different Ampulove. Before people know the existence of a site, it can take a while. As an amputee (for the people that don't know me; I am a triple amputee: double above the knee + right below the elbow) I understood from some people that they wanted to see some more movies from me. Years ago I posted a lot of movies from me on YouTube. So In that direction, I can tell already that I am planning to make some new movies.
In the mean time, I can say that during all this time, the Amputee-Alex and the Amp-u-love Yahoo group was and still is online. If you want to join them, be more then Welcome.
For them, who like Ampulove, I would say; Visit us often, bookmark Ampulove already and forward the word that 'Ampulove is back online'. Very soon there will be more changements on this site.

The first logo of Ampulove was very simple.
A blue background, here you can see the first Ampulove Logo:

Ampulove's first logo, over 16 years ago

Later the bird with his right leg amputated above the knee and on crutches showed up. This logo was already during years the image of Ampulove. The bird of Ampulove, the Parrot looked completely different in the beginning, here it is:

The first Ampulove Parrot Logo

So Ampulove became the biggest website when it comes to the subject Amputation. Mostly with over 2000 visitors a day, during years long. Over thousands of members, millions of totally visitors found their way to Ampulove what was at that time a .com domain.

Ampulove's logo since 2005 till begin 2009

The Ampulove office in 2004 - 2005

Amputee Alex at the Ampulove office in 2006


Alex, Ampulove's founder

Ampulove's founder is Alex, a 47 years old amputee from Europe who lives in the state of Florida, USA. Alex is a double above the knee Amputee and a right below the elbow Amputee. Alex is very open minded to the subjects devotees (people who are attracted to amputees) and wannabes (people who want to be an amputee). During all the years of Ampulove, Alex met different admirers and wannabes. He was in different newspaper and magazine interviews. He was in contact with different psychiatrics who wanted to know more about those phenomenon's. Alex did a lot of anonymous investigations, all investigations done for psychiatrics on request. Near all that Alex wrote also a book about the subjects devotee and wannabe.

Here you can read some old articles about Ampulove & Alex:

newspaper - the wave - USA

magazine - Bizarre - UK / USA


magazine - Dag Allemaal - Belgium / Europe - 2009


Here you can order the book that Alex wrote:

go to the book page
order / view the book
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


Alex from Ampulove

Alex, triple Amputee (DAK and RBE), founder of Ampulove

Alex is the founder of Ampulove, and a book writer. Alex loves traveling, and lived in different countries: Belgium, Europe - Sri Lanka, near India - Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and ES in Brazil - and Miami area FL, USA
Alex himself is an amputee. Double Above the Knee (DAK) and Right Below the Elbow (RBE).

Alex was first a left below the knee Amputee, followed by a left above the knee amputation. After that he became also a Right below the Elbow Amputee, right below the knee amputee, followed by a Right above the Knee amputation what made him a DAK amputee.

Alex & Ampulove:
In 2007, Alex had a tattoo-artist friend on visit from the Netherlands. A wannabe. He placed the Ampulove - logo on Alex.

Here are some pictures of him during the years:

Alex, first a LBK
left below the knee Amputee

Alex, as a LAK left above the
 knee Amputee


Alex, as a LAK left above the
knee and RBE right below the
 elbow Amputee

Alex, as a LAK left above the
knee and RBK right below the
 knee and RBE right below the
 elbow Amputee

Alex, as a DAK double above
 the knee and RBE right below
 the elbow Amputee
During All the years of Ampulove, Alex met already a lot of people. Amputees, Devotees, Wannabes. Here are a few pictures from a few people that Alex met. On the left side, the first picture is Alex together with Derik Rawson. In the late '90 's Derik helped Jama Bennett with her website Ascot. One of the first sites on internet, amputee and devotee related. Derik was on visit in Europe and traveled to Belgium to meet Alex. The day of the meeting Alex was only a few days a LAK Amputee. Left in the middle you see Alex with Tina. Tina was the presentatrice of a lot of Ampulove movies and near all that she did a lot of work for the site. Also on the left site, last picture, you see Alex with Geronimo, a European left above the knee amputee and once a model for Ampulove.
On the right site, the first picture is Alex with Angelique, a female devotee from Austria that traveled to Belgium that time to meet Alex. In the middle you see Alex with Wolfgang from Berlin / Germany. Wolfgang was once in a relationship with a female amputee. Unfortunately she died. Near that, Wolfgang started years ago with one of the first Amputee / Devotee oriented real magazines named 'AmpFax'. Also on the right site, last picture, a meeting between Alex and Thomas, a German left below the knee amputee.
Alex met much more people; A French doctor who was a wannabe and is now a LBK amputee; A DAK amputee man who became an amputee by wish; Some 'famous' amputees; A female wannabe who desperate wanted to become a DAK amputee, and is at this moment. Some surgeons and other medical people interested in the world of amputation, devoteism and wannabeism.  Alex discovered during all the years that it is pretty amazing how many people are interested in the subject of Amputees & Amputation.

Also Alex met a lot of Amputees, one of them was Helen Smith, a quad amputee from Cambridge who lost all her limbs and was the first female model for Ampulove.  After Helen there were a few more models, like Brenda, a Belgium RAK amputee (see picture right side). Alex worked also together with male Amputee models.

Something more about Alex
Alex was born in 1970 in a very little city in Belgium. He was 3 times married (1 time even with a female devotee). During all the years till he became an amputee, he was a cook and had a Real Estate office. Since the day Alex is an amputee he discovered more and more about the devotee and wannabe world.
Since the begin days of Ampulove Alex received thousands of emails from Amputees, Devotees and Wannabes. Some of the wannabes became Alex's best friends and unfortunately some of them died in the try to become an amputee. Alex, has so many other people, realized that wannabes needed some help.

Alex with RAK Amputee Brenda, model for Ampulove

Alex with Kenneth,
a homeless AK / BK amputee from Florida
and a very good friend of Alex

So more and more Ampulove and Alex became more open for the subject Wannabe, a subject that was during many years big taboo. In many ways Alex tried to help the wannabe world with spreading the fact that there are wannabes on this planet; male and female, young and old, and that they need help, that they need their amputation(s).
Alex traveled to many places on the blue planet, he have seen 16 countries. A few of them are USA, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Morocco,... Almost from every country on the world Alex received emails from people that are amputee, devotee or wannabe.
Some meetings were very interesting. He remembers a time he was sitting on the table, eating pizza with 4 wannabes, all amputees.
More and more Alex discovered that a lot of people didn't mind so much anymore as years ago that there are wannabes on the planet. The reactions in the beginning on the fact that there is a group of people that want to be an amputee is completely different then it was years ago. In Brazil and the USA Alex had one of the best reactions. People didn't mind, found it even interesting.
Being 'open minded' and trying to be 'helpful' for devotees and wannabes wasn't always simple. Alex remember days, years ago that there were a few police investigations on Ampulove. Once the police thought that Ampulove was a hidden place, a fake name, but that the site was basically to sell children from poor countries, another time there was a case that a female amputee started a court case against Ampulove, but finally after years Ampulove and Alex won that case. Another time the police tried to close the site Ampulove, because it was that time for them to open minded when it came to the wannabe subject.

Alex and his life as an amputee
Alex likes mostly the reactions on him as an amputee. In so many funny ways Alex likes to 'upset' people. Give them answers that people don't expect. A few months ago a woman in the grocery store Wal Mart, a cashier told that her knees hurt so much from the whole day standing. Alex his answer was: 'I have that problem too'. After looking to Alex, discovering that he has no legs, she started laughing so hard that she even left her workplace for a few seconds. Another time Alex asked on the airport by checking in for a flight: 'Do I need to do my shoes off to?' knowing that everyone else needed to do their shoes out. To a street shoe cleaner Alex asked once: 'Can you do mine for a special price?', and to shoe sellers he asked once: 'Why do you never try to sell me some shoes?'.

Meetings and Traveling:
During all the years being active in the world of Amputees and their Friends Alex traveled a lot to meet people. From all over the world amputees, devotees and wannabes invited him, to meet Alex, to talk about those subjects.

Alex at the Hardrock Casino in Florida
together with another Amputee

Since Alex lives in the USA he met a lot of very interesting people. A few of them are George, a professional dancer (see picture on the left side) who is also an amputee. On the right side you see Alex with Gerald during a meeting in Fort Lauderdale - Florida. 

Living in the USA:
Alex was almost 37 years long in Europe. One day an Ampulove Customer that became an internet friend invited him to the USA. First it sounded like just a regular

meeting, a regular vacation of maximum 3 weeks. But after a few weeks everything changed for Alex and lives since then in the USA. Alex discovered how wheelchair accessible America is. What a paradise it is for wheelchair users. Alex words were once: 'You have no any reason to feel disabled here'.
The friendship with the Customer of Ampulove that invited him over there was so big that Alex now consider him as his best friend. Near that Alex was also married to a female devotee from the U.S., but that part didn't worked out very well.

After a long visit in different countries as Brazil, Alex ended back up in Belgium in the year 2013. But finally after being so tired of the arrogant Belgian mentality and the cold climate, he moved in 2017 to Portugal, Lisbon, where he lives now.

At February 27, 2017, Ampulove went back online at Ampulove.info

Alex about devotees and wannabes:
1 on 30.000 people in this world (male and female) are wannabes, 1 on 500 are attracted to disability. That's quit a lot. So, if you are devotee or / and wannabe, just don't care about what people think of you. Just believe in yourself and know only you need to be happy with yourself. A lot of medical investigations proved already that devotes or wannabes are not retarded. A few of those very good documentaries like the BBC Horizon about BID and the documentary Whole proofs this even more.

People interested in contacting Alex, click here to email him.
You can also visit the website of Alex: www.alexmensaert.com

The information film about Ampulove

Alex in a box