Amputee, Devotee and Wannabe Information & Cases. Here you find all kind of information for and about amputees and disability; devotees and admirers and also about and for wannabes. If you have information to share, please let us know. 

Amputee Information
Information for and about amputees & amputation
Going to the prosthetist
Somethimes it isn't always what you want...before you go to the prosthetist. Some things you should need to know.
Loss of External Organs
Limb amputation, Mastectomy, and Disfiguration.
The loss of External Organs, article by Bernard Schoenberg and Arthur C.Carr
Information for the new Amputee
Are you a new amputee? Then this information can be very useful for you. A lot of information, graphics, and links for people who became recently an amputee.
Beenamputatie, leren leven met een veranderd lichaam
Dutch information; how to life with a leg amputation. With article, links and a .pdf file in Dutch about amputation.
Different kinds of possible amputations
Explnation of the different kind of amputations, what means LAK, what is a DAK, find it out, also a few graphics and pictures. A list of short term names for different kind of amputations.  
Prosthetic History
The history of prosthetics and amputation surgery begins at the very dawning of human medical thought. Its historical twists and turns parallel the development of medical science, culture, and civilization itself.
Evolution of the Whirlwinde wheelchair
The History of the wheelchair, find out from where the wheelchair came... Everest and Jennings is the brand name of the world's largest wheelchair manufacturer. Many people do not realize that the original designer and founder of this global wheelchair business was disabled and rode a wheelchair himself.
Amputation Procedures 
Different kind of Amputation procedures, showed with animations. This gives you a (non detailed) idea, about how amputations get done, by the hand of some animations. Step by Step the performing of an amputation with a few graphics. and a lot of information, also a film of how a leg amputation is performed.
Amp - Antiques
Amputation surgical sets & saws  from the 1800's to early 1900's. A collection of different amputation saws and medical instruments that were used for the performing of amputations, with pictures.
Amputation During the Civil War
There where a lot of amputees in this war, find out more about amputation during the Civil War. Text information, cases, pictures and movie.
Amputees in Cartoons
A few examples of real cartoons with amputees in. So many comics on the world, and a few contains amputees. More information about the well known comic Amputee love, it came out in the USA in 1974 - 75. Here you will find the complete cartoon. Also there is a list of a few well known amputees in the comic world, links and movie.

Admirer & BIID Information
Information for and about devotees and wannabes

A review of the work, the investigator's interest, and his findings... More about man, who are attracted to woman with amputations. A medical view.
more about this attraction to amputees. A little known pharaphilia. By H. G. Wenig. Since a few years it is possible the sexuality of and with the handicapped to discuss more open...
Body Image: the inner mirror
Article wrote by James W. Breakey, PhD, CP. Body image is the mental picture a person forms of his of her physical self.
Sexual Disorders
The Sexual Disorders are divided into two groups. The Pharaphilias are characterized by arousal in response to sexual objects or situations that are not part of normative arousal activity patterns and that in varying degrees may interfere with the capacity for reciprocal, affectionate sexual activity.
An erotic attraction to amputees
information wrote by Dwight Dixon, JD, PhD; more about the attraction to disability and amputees.
True desire of the pervert devotees
Is being an admirer pervert? An article from the Daily Mail, about devotees and their interests in amputees.
What kind of different pharaphilias there are, what is a pharaphilia. Do the attraction to amputees and amputation is a pharaphilia?
Please take my limbs
The sexual worship of stumps. You would think that having all of your limbs would make you feel complete. But for an apotemnophiliac or an acrotomophiliac, less is more. Acrotomophilia, or amputee love, is rare.
Acrotomophilia & Apotemnophilia
A Fetish for Amputee + Amputee Wannabes. What means it?, more about what is acrotomophilia and apotemnophilia. Writen by Jack Malebranche
Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID)  
Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID), also known as Amputee Identity Disorder or Apotemnophilia (from Greek αποτέμνειν "to cut off", and φιλία "love of") is the overwhelming desire to amputate one or more healthy limbs or other parts of the body.
Apotemnophilia and Acrotomophilia, more about devotees and wannabes
People who want to be amputees ? Sounds too weird to be true... There are people who spend most of their lives wanting to become an amputee. And -There's a guy on my block who seems to have a thing for women who are amputees of one sort or another. He's had three girlfriends like this. What's with him ? (this was the first article ever placed on Ampulove)
What ought we to do about wannabes?
Of the people who have an interest in amputees there are a few whose identification with amputees is 50 strong that they desire to become amputees themselves. article by: Kevin C from Overground
Whose body is this anyway?
Another View of the Amputee Wannabe Phenomenon, written by a female ex wannabe. ...I am one-legged, female, married and 28 years old at this writing. I underwent voluntary left upper-thigh amputation when I was 16.
Body Image & Patients with amputations
does the prosthesis maintain the balance ?, article by Keren Fisher and Rajiv Hanspal. The Royal National Orthopedic Hospital Trust. Stanmore. UK
Case Report - A case of Apotemnophilia
A Handicap as Sexual preference. Apotemnophilia, a term coined in 1977, a case report by Walter Everaerd, Ph.D / Utrecht, The Netherlands.
The English Wannabe Case
A few years ago, Malcolm, an investigator from the English BBC channel, contacted Ampulove, with the question, to bring him in contact with Wannabes, who wanted to come out for their needs in becoming an amputee.
Wannabe Cases
Wannabes, people who want to become an amputee by wish. This page contains all kind of different cases and information about wannabes. Articles and information about George Boyer, John Bondy, ...
Acro & Apotemnophilia
Sex and disability; New concepts and case reports. By John Money & Kent W. Simcoe
Self demanded Amputation
There are cases of self-demand amputation (Apotemnophilia). These are often related to the erotization of the stump and a sense of over-achievement despite the resulting handicap.
When less feels like more
Deciphering the mystery of apotemnophilia, with additional insights into anorexia and other psychological disorders, in the hope of uncovering essential truths about all human beings by M. Dillof