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Around the world
without legs and one arm

As a legless amputee and only with one arm, Alex got invited by a friend to the USA. There he get married by a woman who is a big drunk and who love male amputees. But he get deported and end up in Brazil, where he lives in the dangerous Favela from Rio de Janeiro where he takes care of many street children. He goes out with local bandits, but after many crazy adventures he end up in jail and get deported again. He find his way through many crazy situations; A crazy ex girlfriend stays hunting on him. Finally he ends up in a new life in Portugal.

274 pages

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Meanwhile, here is the most recent movie of Amputee Alex:

  Amputation as destination...
If it feels that you need to become an amputee, then you are a wannabe; An apotemnophile; ... BIID as they call it those days.
In the earlier investigations done on the world of wannabes, it sounds has 1 on 30.000 people on this world want to become an amputee, but honestly, there are probably more then only 1 on 30.000.
Only by observing the amount of wannabes (female and male; young and old; straight, bisexual, gay,...), we can tell that there are probably much more then 1 on 30.000.
The most wannabes lives in a big secret about their '''weird''' feelings about the huge desire to become an amputee. That's maybe why we don't know about the existence of so many wannabes.
On Facebook (as example) many of them use a fake profile, or hide their pictures or their real name, so that no one can find out who is really behind that profile, what is more then understandable.  

November 16, 2017
We received some interesting material from the USA.
Pictures from M.W. Who is a wannabe and became already a successfully toe amputee. His dream is to become a DBK Amputee.
Here are the received pictures we are allowed to share with you all.
If you are a wannabe, please don't feel alone!